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Welcome to Festival US

Welcome to the latest US festival portal. We aims to cover every single festival happening throughout the US. We cover every type of festival you can imagine across each and every US State. We leave no stones unturned and everything from music, food, wine and you name it, is covered. All details concerning dates, times and locations and last minute changes are all kept up to date by our content management team. If you operate an event and you don’t find it listed on our site, just get in touch with us and we’ll have it added to the list.

Here is just a small sample of the types of festivals covered.


1 Alternative festivals
2 Arts and crafts festivals
3 Beer festivals
4 Celebration/talk festivity
5 Culture, heritage and folk festivals
6 Earth and nature festivals
7 Film festivals
8 Fine art and theatre festivals
9 Flower festivals
10 Food, harvest and wild game festivals
11 Holiday festivals
12 Innovation festivals
13 LGBT festivals
14 Music festivals
15 Pagan festivals
16 Pioneer festivals
17 Religious festivals
18 Renaissance fairs
19 Sports festivals
20 Rodeo and horse racing festivals
21 Science festivals
22 Seasonal festivals
23 Storytelling festivals
24 Transportation festivals

As you can see there’s something to suit every lifestyle and taste and there’s no shortage of events in every category. Stay up to date on new listings and subscribing to our mailing list and follow us on facebook and twitter for last minute information and shout outs.

Our goal is to cover every state, the smallest and largest events and everything in between. We’re you’re one stop shop for festivals across the United States.